POST #15

Dear Jane,

One year ago, I went with my school to a Pride and Prejudice play at theatre. My schoolmates found it boring, but I was absolutely fascinated. So, I started reading all your books, and you changed my life: I discovered that I wanted to be different from the others. At first my friends were  surprised, but then they appreciated me also because of my spontaneous and funny diversity. At school I was known as “the strange girl”, but I didn’t mind that at all.. My real friends still wanted to stay with me, and that was enough. I also began dreaming about a handsome, intelligent and romantic guy, who would love me despite of my awkwardness. I thought that my personality and my passions could work like magnets for people like me, and for people who truly liked me . I’m still convinced about that. I started attending high school, and there I made new friends: they were enthusiastic about my great passion for your masterpieces. When our Italian teacher gave us “Pride and Prejudice” to read, my friends asked me questions and advice. I was very shy, but suddenly I felt important. You became popular among us, and a lot of girls fell in love with mr. Darcy.

So, thanks to you, I discovered myself, my passions, my interests. Now I know what I want to be in the future: an independent, intelligent, selfconfident and unafraid woman.

Thank You!!

Giulia Costa



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