POST #13

Dear Miss Austen,

I first noticed your novels when I was only 14 years old. Of course, it was your most known one: “Pride and Prejudice”. You have to know, that I am a girl, who isn’t very interested in girly things. In this time of my life, when I first saw your books, I had the bad habit of thinking, every girly- thing is just dump and I should only like things, which mostly are made for boys. So, even when I liked something, which was a little bit more emotional or girly, I tried to ignor my liking of it. Well, that was until your books…

Maybe it sounds strange, but your books, your style of writing and your really sharpe eye on looking at people and situations where so amazing, that I wasn’t able to just ignore your stories. You kinda showed me a new world. A world, made of honey- like words, which all seemd so mature, but also sarcastic and intellegent. And then, all of these words, wanted to tell me a story about love and romance from a different time. I started to realize that I actually like this kind of thing. Those romances with hidden lies and soft hearts. I dreamed about my version of a Mr. Darcy and how wonderful it could be, if I was able to meet him. Eventually, I began to realize, that this thinking is natural and hasn’t to do with girly or boyish. You can’t do something about your feelings and you shouldn’t be so shy to deny all your hobbies and likings. It is more brave to live with yourself and are proud of yourselfe.
After that, I began to like myselfe a little more. My realationship with my friends, who I tried to judge for their girly attitude turned out to get better than befor and I enjoied it.

Jane (I hope, I don’t seem unpolite, because I’m calling you by your first name) , I just want to tell you, even if I will never see you in person, I believe, that you must have been a great person. Else you wouldn’t have been able to touch my heart so deeply just by some phrases of beautiful literature. I wished, you would have found your own Mr. Darcy. Of all people, you’re the only one who deserves this person in your life. You mean so much to me and to such an amount of people.

Your devoted,

Charlotte, Germany


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