POST #12

Dear Jane,

I’ve always turned to books for comfort and sometimes healing.

As a child I was always on a conquest to find another great book to read. Classics such as The Secret Garden, Oliver Twist, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre, and A Little Princess always enchanted me.

When I was 13 I was being bullied.
My Aunt saw my hurt and as a gift she gave me my first Jane Austen novel. That novel was Sense and Sensibility. I was enraptured by the tale that you brought to life.
I felt like I was in the story.

Later that year my family made a big move. A gift from my Aunt (the same Aunt that gave me Sense and Sensibility) was Pride and prejudice. Two chapters in and I was hooked.
I finished that novel in a week.

The next two years pass by and I was 15. I had finished ALL of your beautiful books. That year my family moved again. That summer I turned 16.  I felt as if I was my childhood hero, Elinor Dashwood, on her way to her new home. Your books have brought me through so much.

The year I turned 17, I fell for a boy.
A boy who seemed like a Mr. Bingley. I was in love. He led me to believe that he loved me as well.
Spring came along and he broke my heart. I was devastated.
I cried for days but then something beautiful happened. I fell in love with your books all over again and I knew that one day I would find my Edward Ferrars. I thank you for bringing me hope and love. You will never know how much your stories have meant to me, but know that you will forevermore have my affection and admiration.

Yours sincerely,
Molly Elizabeth Huebner
Age 19


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